Eightfold APM Take-home Assignment

Eightfold APM Take-home Assignment

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Assignment Prompt

We’d love to understand how you think about Product and what is your Product Management style when it comes to working with partner teams such as Design, Engineering, Sales etc. Please use this task as an opportunity to showcase your background and/or your unique points of view as a PM. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll be meeting a group panel to present your work, where we encourage you to bring your most individual and unique strengths as a Product Manager to the table.


Let’s take a Product we can all talk about: The Eightfold Job Portal. You probably already used it to apply for this role. We’ll be using it as a reference for this PM exercise. Think of yourself as a Product Manager for the Eightfold Job Portal. How would you shape/build this Product? Create a strategic presentation (document/PPT/anything else) for this task. In your presentation you should demonstrate:
Your goals as a Product Manager for the Eightfold Job Portal
Your take on the product: This can include aspects such as target audience, value proposition, strengths and weaknesses, market positioning etc.
If you had to build 1 feature in the product, what would it be and why? How would you arrive at this decision?
A brief PRD/spec for the feature you want to build. You’ll be sharing this PRD/spec with your Engineering and Design teams
Any risks or tradeoffs you foresee in developing this feature, and how you would approach them
Anything else you would be doing as a Product Manager in order to empower your partner teams in Design, Product, Engineering, Sales etc.
There is no standard template for this presentation, so please feel free to be creative and approach this task in your style.


We don’t expect you to spend more than a few hours on creating the actual artefact. We also recommend that you use this opportunity to demonstrate deep-thinking versus broad thinking, so instead of going text-heavy, focus on delivering impact through depth. Feel free to use your creativity and unique strengths as there is no standard template for doing this. We hope you have fun working on this!
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