Eightfold APM Take-home Assignment

PRD: Career Potential Graph

Problem Alignment
Job titles of similar levels and roles can be clubbed together.
The Match Strength of candidates can be quantified.
Candidates spray-and-pray because of uncertainty about the alignment of the role with their professional goals. If this uncertainty can be alleviated, they will make logical decisions i.e. applying only to roles with the highest match.
Why build this feature?
It will help candidates make career-informed job decisions.
They want to visualize how a job will fit into their career arc.
They want to know what opportunities a job role can bring.
It will help recruiters deploy their resources more effectively.
They want the candidate match to be higher on average.
They want fewer applicants to drop off from the process.
Research & Data (click to expand)
Industry Recruitment Stats (Various sources)
Healthy count of Applicants per Hire = 20-40
Applicants per Enterprise Hire = ~120
Applicants per Enterprise Hire = ~20
Qualified Candidates per Hire = ~35
Qualified Candidates Percentage = ~25%
Applicant Drop-off Rate = 73%
Eightfold Active Job Openings Stats
Job Portal - 110
LinkedIn - 52
1059 Applicants
20.3 applicants per opening
22 LinkedIn postings have EasyApply. Candidates can apply without visiting the Job portal.
Top Hiring Challenges (Source: )
Not enough suitable candidates - 63%
Too many unqualified junk resumes from job boards - 23%
Employees priorities shift (Source: )
Growth & Upskilling
Flexibility & benefits.
Target Users
Interns (0 YoE)
Entry-level candidates (0-0.5 YoE)
Early-Mid career candidates (1-12 YoE)
Director-Executive candidates (12+ YoE)
Main User Stories
As a candidate, I want to see the growth & education opportunities this role can bring.
As a candidate, I want to see how the role pans out in long-term careers.
As a candidate I want to know what is the rate of growth in the different career options stemming from this role.
As a candidate, I want to know how previous employees in this role have grown.
As a candidate, I want to know people from which background get into this role.
As a candidate, I want to know if this role is the right step for my career.
As a Recruiter, I want fewer candidates to drop off after applying for a role.
As a Recruiter, I want applicants with a better match.
As a Recruiter, I want candidates to be more decisive.
Goals & Success Metrics
Increase Qualified Candidates per Hire by 15% in a quarter
Qualified Candidates per Hire= Candidates who clear the first round
Qualified Candidates per Hire = (# of Qualified Candidates/All Candidates) * (All Candidates/All Hires)
Decrease Drop-off Rate by 5% in a quarter
Drop-off Rate = (# of Drop-off) / (# of Applicants)
Feature Effectiveness Rating should be greater than 1
Feature Effectiveness Rating = (Avg. Match Strength of Applicants who explored Career Potential Graph) / (Avg. Match Strength of all Applicants)
Candidate Rating for the feature on a 5-star rating system ≥ 4
Qualitative feedback from applicants and successful hires
Counter Metrics
For Qualified candidates per hire
Applicants per Hire
First-stage clearance rate
Application Percentage from LinkedIn EasyApply
Qualitative Feedback
For Drop-off rate
Application Completion Rate
Application Percentage from LinkedIn EasyApply
Qualitative Feedback
For Feature Effectiveness Rating
Too many or too few applicants using the feature
Solution Alignment
Feature Requirements
Show button, 'View Career Potential', on every Job Description page after a candidate is logged into their account. Clicking on it will pop open an HTML iFrame that contains the Career Potential Graph.
Must Have
The iframe will contain an interactive directed Graph that contains:
common previous career paths that lead to this role
common future career paths of previous hires for this role.
Must Have
The graph will be a collection of previous career paths converging into the current role, and potential future career paths diverging from it. A path will be a collection of nodes.
Must Have
Each node on a path will represent an experience and have two components:
Job Title (or Equivalent)
Avg work-experience
Must Have
The career paths will be aggregated and named by Functions.
A SDE can grow in a technical function (Technical Architect) or managerial function (Engineering Manager) or strategic function (Product Manager)
A Product Manager can come from a Bschool, Entrepreneurial experience, or other jobs (Engineering, Design, Product)
Must Have
Hovering over any path will highlight it and all nodes will list out all their components.
Must Have
A few nodes on every potential future path will have a third component:
Employee Highlight: The name, mugshot, and profile link of an employee who has grown into that role at Eightfold. They will have started/traversed the role that the candidate is exploring.
Must Have
The Employee Highlight will contain a testimonial from the employee about the growth and possibilities in that career path.
Good to Have
The iframe will have a button in the top-right corner to "Ask for Career advice". It will lead the candidate to the Eightfold Cultivate Program google form.
Good to Have
Feedback capturing:
Preferably, a Thumbs Up button.
A 5-star rating with prompt text "was this helpful?" (looking for more effective ways)
Must Have
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Key Flows
Feature placement
Career Potential Graph Wireframe
Decision Logs
Launch Plan
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