Eightfold APM Take-home Assignment

My Take on the Job Portal

Job Portal Overview
The Job Portal is a place for candidates to find and apply to open positions at Eightfold if they’re interested. Its targeted users are white-collar professionals across geographies and backgrounds who are interested in working at Eightfold. A portion of candidates can bypass the portal by applying via LinkedIn EasyApply.
The job portal also influences the quality of the talent that applies to the company and consequently impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of the Talent Acquisition process at eightfold.
The portal is accessible via a web browser.
Alignment with Eightfold’s Mission
Eightfold's mission is to help everybody build their right careers. Eightfold's Job portal should reflect its alignment with this mission and enable every candidate to make an informed decision about their association with Eightfold.
Activities & Flows
Target Audience
Students & White-collar professionals who're interested in working for Eightfold
Interns (0 YoE)
Entry-level candidates (0-0.5 YoE)
Early-Mid career candidates (1-12 YoE)
Director-Executive candidates (12+ YoE)
Other Users
Job Shoppers: Candidates browsing jobs openings without an active intent to apply
Placement Coordinators from Colleges
Me (and others like me): Comparing Job Portals
Value Proposition
#WhatsNextForYou: The Job Portal helps you join Eightfold in a role that’s the best next step for your career
Market Positioning
The Job Portal should be positioned as the one-stop solution for all potential talent, like a Swiss-knife. It should help any potential talent understand about and act on:
the company, the role, & expectations
the application & evaluation process
role’s fit for their career
their fit for the company
help candidates make data-intelligence informed decisions.
Competitive Analysis (SPOT)
Great Job Search with advanced filters
Availability of articles, videos, and potential coworkers
Data-intelligence driven
Match & Insights provide a measure of skill & background match
Similar job recommendations, people, perks, articles
Eightfold Labs can help candidates prepare better
Help candidates build their resumes
Eightfold Cultivate Program
Association Driven
Profile Login
Talent Network
Missing information & activities from the flow
Lacking information on existing teams, their charters, and positions. Candidates have to reach out to employees at a personal level, who are unable to give a complete & persuasive picture. This hinders great talent from committing to the idea of joining the company.
Doesn’t inform the candidates on the general process & timeline. Candidates drop-off due to mismatched timeline expectations, increasing sunk costs.
Can apply to multiple roles but can upload only one resume
Cannot rescind an application
Cannot delete a profile
Margin for improvement in Design
Good Interaction Design
Passable Information Design
No way for candidates to know that they can view job insights if they sign up to the portal.
Good placement of articles, videos, and potential coworkers.
Lacking Navigation Design:
Features like ‘Join Talent Network’ sit completely out of the application flow.
Lacking helper text to ease a candidate through the process
Doesn’t live up to #WhatsNextForYou
Doesn’t address the biggest questions high-potential candidates have: Growth potential and opportunities for a role.
Standalone Job Insights and seem like qualification criteria. Instead, they should come together to help candidates make informed decisions. This will help both the stakeholders: Candidates & Recruiters.
Can become the one-stop interface between Eightfold & all external talent. It’s already much more useful & advanced than the portals of MAANG+ companies.
Can improve insights delivery to help make better decisions
Serve as testing grounds for the Talent Acquisition Product
The Job Portal is not vying for market share, nor is it a monetized product. There’s no threat from any competitors.
More and more candidates applying from job platforms like LinkedIn: It prevents Eightfold from collecting valuable insights valuable not only for internal hiring but for the Talent Intelligence Suite.

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