DesignOps Guide & Glossary (DOGG)
DesignOps Guide & Glossary (DOGG)

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How-to's for hiring your dream team
Hiring Resources
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Figma sets out to understand why some companies seem to have no problem attracting design talent while others struggle to connect
Organization Website
written equations on brown wooden board
A framework for determining an ideal staffing ratio for your team
What are the best traits you need while hiring a DPM or DesignOps person?
Non-Academic Article
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How Faire used a service design framework to improve the interview process
Non-Academic Article
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 4.18.51 PM.png
Kyle Caruso was recently on a very impressive panel about hiring for Design Ops roles (he snuck in!), and he got to thinking about how Lyft approach their work, and thus the skills the look for in Design Program Managers. So, here we are.
Non-Academic Article
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Meredith Black, DesignOps consultant, co-founder of DesignOps Assembly and co-author of The DesignOps Handbook, and who has built and led DesignOps teams at Pinterest, Facebook and IDEO amongst others, talks to us about her journey to DesignOps, where to start when building your DesignOps function and what makes a good DesignOps hire.

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