DesignOps Guide & Glossary (DOGG)
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Remove cover photos from sections
Add in Glossary to title
Might be nice to also have a field to suggest a section? I can see people wanting something for team gathering activities (e.g. offsite ideas)
Put this on the submit resource form as a new smaller form and have it feed into all suggestions (& also automate notifications)
It was really easy to fill out the resource form, but I was unsure how I’d be alerted if my resource was added.
Build out email function & automation
Proposed solution, add a section in the form “Want to get notified if your resource get’s added to the DOGG? Enter your email address”
Then, if their resource gets approved, they can receive an automated email- yes
We review suggestions weekly, SLA copy
Would we want to send them a notification if it doesn’t get added to the DOGG? - no
Build out automation system to notify team members of new resources?
The sections are all really easy to navigate. My only feedback here is that for those new to Coda, if a sections filter is set to “none” may leave them thinking the section is empty at first glance.
Figure out affiliate link issue

🔤 Sort glossary terms by alphabetical order

🖤 Sort glossary terms by upvotes

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