DesignOps Guide & Glossary (DOGG)
DesignOps Guide & Glossary (DOGG)

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Davy and PJ, design system practitioners talk about design-led product ownership, scaling and adoption, community and engagement, design system team models, and much more.
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UX Pin introduces their Design Systems ROI Template
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Design system documentation has been maturing at a rapid pace over the last five years. how we document is an opportunity for us to stop, reflect and look at the biggest challenges that face us in how we document and grow our design systems.
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Operating a Workflow to Resolve Designer and Developer Needs by Nathan Curtis.
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The podcast from zeroheight, where we talk to the best folks in DesignOps from around the world to help you build the best darn DesignOps practice you possibly can. Hosted by Luke Murphy, design advocate at zeroheight, each episode focuses on a specific part of the DesignOps pie, gaining insight from both established DesignOps practitioners, as well as up and coming DesignOps voices

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