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Gamestorming: Design your meetings like you design your apps 

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Each of the "games" in the Open, Explore and Close folders can be used to run better meetings (read the What do you need to do? column to find the game for your team's scenario). Share this doc with your team so you can do the exercises collaboratively.

Game to Play
What do you need to do?

Meeting Prep

Before the meeting starts...
I need to create a project kickoff meeting
I need to create get agenda topics from my team


Broaden your view.
My team needs to do a brainstorm
My team needs to identify stakeholders
My team needs to identify the right questions to ask our stakeholders for taking action
My team needs to generate new ideas based on existing ideas
I need to get a quick pulse check from everyone in the room about a topic
My team wants to leave structured feedback via sentence starters.


Illuminate and prioritize your team's ideas.
My team needs to think about future opportunities and potential external threats
I need to do a timed brainstorming session concluding with presentations
We need to sort and organize ideas from a brainstorm into proper categories
I need to crowdsource questions from my team to answer in a townhall or meeting
My team needs a way to estimate the perceived effort of a task or project.
My team needs a flexible way to assign importance to varying priorities


Move towards a conclusion or decision.

My team needs come to a solution from a brainstorm
My team needs to make a decision between different options
My team needs to analyze the current situation and decide what to do more/less of
My team needs to decide which ideas to prioritize
My team needs to decide whether ideas are new, useful, or feasible
My team needs a way to eliminate ideas using the instant-runoff voting method
My team needs a way to vote on ideas and not be influenced by group think

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