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Gamestorming: Design your meetings like you design your apps 

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The goal of this game is to generate ideas with silent sticky note writing. After this game, you can create an Affinity Map with your ideas.

Facilitator Instructions:

1) Set the question: Rename the table ("Ideas for how can we land on the moon?") to [your goal] . For example Ideas for ... or Phrases that convey ...
2) Encourage idea creation: Start by having each player click the "Add Idea" button or by hitting the plus (+) symbol at the top-right of the list. Once team members have written down their ideas, hit the "show all players' ideas" checkbox to reveal all ideas.
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Add Idea
Clear sample data
show all players' ideas
Ideas for how can we land on the moon?
Shishir Mehrotra
Shishir's first idea
New idea
Shishir's third idea
Shishir's fourth idea
Shishir's second idea
Dave Mastronardi
Example Idea
Preeyanka Shah
Preeyanka's second idea
Preeyanka's first idea
Preeyanka's third idea
Al Chen
Al's third idea
Al's first idea
Al's second idea
4th idea

I’m done adding ideas:

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