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About this Resource List

My intent is for this to be a shareable document. So, if you happen to come across resources that you think highly of, please feel free to make a comment or send me a message.
There’s a certain joy that comes from discovering really great resources. Every company is different, but there’s a lot that we can learn from the ‘collective wisdom of the crowd.’
This is a highly curated space that’ll help reduce the need for learning best practices the hard way.
What other resources would you be interested in seeing? or send a . No spam, please.
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On the job search?

If you’re an HR professional that’s been laid off during the past few months, feel free to book a time via my . The job search can be hard. And I’m happy to exchange ideas, be a sounding board, and to offer encouragement.
Quick rules:
Preference is for HR / Talent people.
No vendors looking to pitch me. (Only startups that are genuinely seeking product feedback).
Default is for 15 min, but quite happy to chat for longer.

*Disclaimer: throughout this document, I may link to specific vendors or thought leaders. These aren’t endorsements. As well, no one paid to be on this list. (Likewise, if your a vendor and prefer I not link to a white paper, etc), let me know.
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