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Dan's HR (People Ops) Resources

A collection of really good things for People people
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About this Coda
My intent is for this to be a shareable document. So, if you happen to come across resources that you think highly of, please feel free to make a comment or send me a message.
For a while, I thought that there should be a phrase for when you discover why a best practice is a best practice based on your own lived experience. Truth be told, there’s nothing here that you wont find anywhere else on the internet. The primary benefit here is that it is a highly curated space that’ll help reduce the need for learning best practices the hard way.
What other resources would you be interested in seeing? or send a . No spam, please.
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On the job search?
If you’re an HR professional that’s been laid off during the past few months, feel free to book a time via my . The job search can be hard. And I’m happy to exchange ideas, be a sounding board, and to offer encouragement.
Quick rules:
Preference is for HR / Talent people.
No vendors looking to pitch me. (Only startups that are genuinely seeking product feedback).
Default is for 15 min, but quite happy to chat for longer.

*Disclaimer: throughout this document, I may link to specific vendors or thought leaders. These aren’t endorsements. As well, no one paid to be on this list. (Likewise, if your a vendor and prefer I not link to a white paper, etc), let me know.
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