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❤️ My Values

Your values are the emotions that are most important to you in life. If you have not already decided
what you value most in your life, you can follow the following steps to do so.

1. Ask yourself, "What's most important to me in life?" Then, keep asking, "What else is most important to me in life?" until you run out of answers.

2. Establish a hierarchy by asking yourself, "What's more important for me to feel: _________ or ______?"

3. Take one of your values and compare it to every other value on the list by asking this question until you know which is most important: "What's more important for me to feel, _____ or _____?" Do this with every value on the list until their order has been established.

4. Create rules for each value by asking yourself, "What has to happen in order for me to feel _______ ?" (Ask this several times for each value, as people most often have multiple rules for every value.)

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