RPM System

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The best way to get started on this system is to just work your way down through all the sections listed below.
You can also skip the 'My driving force', 'My passions' and 'My categories of improvement' sections if you want to and dive straight into using the system.

Setting up

My driving force

My passions

My categories of improvement

My Commitments

You can also create your own sections here that show 'summary'


- Not used at the moment, will be future Improvement.
- Should not have to edit this table directly. However it is safe to delete a row from here if you chunked something incorrectly.


- Not used at the moment, will be future Improvement.

Using the system

Right now there's only really two sections you need to care about to use the system day to day.
- This is where you chunk your tasks into RPM blocks for any given week
- This is where you'll see the RPM blocks you need to work on for the current day. Will also show older RPM blocks that were not completed.

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