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To complete this part of your life plan, simply set aside some time to answer the following questions. When you do this, we recommend that you go somewhere were you will not be interrupted and if you can, choose an environment that inspires you (i.e. the beach, the mountains, a favorite park, an art museum, or even a favorite tree in your back yard). You might also want to bring a set of headphones and a CD player so that you can play music that inspires you while you are answering these questions.
One more thing: Be sure to put yourself in an emotional state of certainty -- where you feel strong; where you remember who it is you really are inside; and where you know that while you will inevitably encounter some challenges along the way, you have the power, the skills, and the heart to turn anything you dream about, into reality.

What do you want to create for your life?

▪️ Personal:

▪️ Professional:

If all of a sudden you had the energy again like you were a little kid and the journey had just begun, what would you be excited to tackle?

What is it that would get you up early and keep you up late at night?

What would your life be about? What does that vision look like?

If you had no fear of moving forward, what would you do in your life? What challenges might you be excited to overcome?

What do you want to contribute to your own life and the lives of others?

If you knew you could have it any way you want it, what would you really want for your life? What do you want to give, create, be, feel, or share?

Not from Tony Robbins Material:

How much is enough.

How will I know if I got there.

What will I do when I get there.

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