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My Identity

Let's take a moment to define what it is we mean by "your identity:"
Your identity is comprised of the beliefs you use to define what makes you unique as a human being.
The reason this is so important?
Our beliefs about ourselves are among the strongest forces that shape our lives. We will always act consistent with our view of who we truly are - whether that view is accurate or not. In other words, the strongest force in human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves.
Therefore, the words you use to describe who you are, are incredibly important - they will determine what you do, what you say, how you behave, what you strive for in life and what you fail to even try. Your identity can be the very thing that limits you from becoming more - or it can be the impetus to
incite you to even greater heights. To create your identity - your ultimate picture of who you really are (or want to be) and what you stand for.

Write a paragraph or two that answers the following questions:

Who are you? How do you define yourself? What is the essence of who you are?

What metaphors do you use to describe yourself?

What roles do you play?



If you had a Wikipedia page, what would it say?

What are some characteristics you embody (or aspire to embody)?

What is it that you stand for in your life? Forget your past - who are you now? Who have you decided to become?

What are your standards for your life physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, in your relationships? What kind of person are you now? What do you want to feel or experience more of in your life now?

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