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How To Ace Your Next Internship Hunt! 馃槫馃崬

Getting Started

Welcome! This is the system that helped me in landing a tech internship @ Yahoo. Hopefully the resources/tools here are useful and helpful to you :)
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Landing an internship is consisted of 2 parts:
getting an interview
passing the interview

This guide will provide the resources and tools to help you succeed in both steps :D
Why I made this template:
As a first-generation student coming from a non-traditional background (used to be premed/bio, switched to study CS and design in the end of my sophomore year), recruiting for tech internships had been roughhh. I was lost, overwhelmed, and confused on where to even begin. Like many of you reading this doc, I also had a plethora of questions/thoughts:
How do I craft an effective resume to get noticed by recruiters?
What can I do to stand out in this competitive pool of applicants?
Bruhhh how do I keep track of all the applications submitted/interviews scheduled?
OMG I landed an interview! But how do I even prepare for it? I鈥檓 so nervous ahhhh
*panic noises*
and so on...

But having gone through an entire recruiting season for Product Manager internships and asking a bunch of incredible people for advice (shoutout to everyone in !), I鈥檓 excited to share all of the things I鈥檝e learned that worked for me in landing and passing interviews. I hope the tools and resources on this doc will help you in navigating through the recruiting process in an organized and efficient manner, and ultimately landing those offers!!
FYI: This doc is a generalized template that you can modify and tailor to whatever type of internships you鈥檙e applying to! This includes: software engineering, product management, ux design, marketing, data science, consulting, and more!
TL;DR: Just trynna help other students and share what I鈥檝e learned having gone through the recruiting process.
A Little Sneak Peak:
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About the Author:
Hey there! I鈥檓 , a junior at the studying Computer Science and Interactive Design. I鈥檓 currently a Growth Fellow at
, a UX Designer/Product Manager at , and the Director of Partnerships for . I will be joining this summer as a Product Manager Intern.
I love helping people and hope you find this Coda doc to be useful! I wish you all the best and success for this upcoming recruiting szn, you got dissssss 馃槫馃崬

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