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How To Ace Your Next Internship Hunt! 馃槫馃崬
Getting an Interview

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Crafting an Effective Resume


On average, employeers look at resumes for about 鈥six to seven seconds鈥.
You have a very small window of time to stand out to the recruiter and showcase your accomplishments, relevant experience, and unique skills/interests.
A strong resume is essential in helping you to obtain an interview.
Your resume should be tailored for the specific type of role you鈥檙e applying to. This allows you to communicate your 鈥渇it鈥 to the recruiter for this role, as well as who you are, what you want, and what you can bring to the company.

Some General Resume Tips:

Read through job description carefully and draw any relevant experiences that are of 鈥渇it鈥 for this role.
Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) method/format to write bullets in communicating your 鈥渟tory鈥 for each experience.
Make use of metrics and numbers to quantify success and impact for the bullets in each experience.
shows that you鈥檙e results-oriented and analytical
Keep it concise and make use of white space!!!
Optimize for easy scannability and readibility
List your past experiences in reverse chronological order
Most recent positions at the top
Emphasize relevant hard skills, avoid listing out soft skills and 鈥渞ating鈥 your skill level (i.e. do not include 鈥渂eginner鈥, 鈥渋ntermediate鈥, etc).
ASK FOR FEEDBACK & Keep Reiterating!! Send your resume to your friends, family, mentors, alumni, etc to look over!

Zooming in

do not include
personal address
do include:
Name, Contact info (phone number, email address, portfolio link, etc).
Name and location of school; expected gradudate; degree & major
GPA is optional
can include relevant coursework, awards, honors, etc.
Other sections generally include: Work Experience, Projects, and/or Skills

Crafting a Strong Resume - Resources

Column 2
Pitt Computer Science Club: Crafting Your Resume
HIGHLY RECOMMEND (#H2P) - provides a comprehensive overview of how resumes are screened and practical tips on crafting an effective resume
Pitt Computer Science Club: Resume Proofreading Checklist
Follow this checklist to avoid common resume mistakes to stand out to recruiters
Harvard University - Office of Career Services: Resume + Cover Letter
Has a list of strong action verbs you can use for bullets on your resume; sample resume + cover letter
Carnegie Mellon University - School of Computer Science: Sample Resume
Sample Resumes based on Year: Freshman, Undergraduate, Senior, Graduate HCI, Graduate CS
Eugene Hayden: Sample Resume
Google doc resume template
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Note: Feel free to add more to this list for your own reference! Although the above resources are tailored more for tech-oriented internships, but the advice and tips can be generally applied to any type of role you鈥檙e applying to (i.e. reusme formatting, what to expect, etc).

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