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How To Ace Your Next Internship Hunt! 馃槫馃崬

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Getting an Interview

Getting in the Right Mindset + Resume Tips + Application Tracker


There are a few factors that go into getting an interview:
A strong, tailored resume
Casting a wide net - applying to as many companies as possible
Luck - no like seriously

The first two are things we could control, so let鈥檚 optimize them to get that interview!

Check out these resources/tools:

Some advice on applying:

Keep an open mind
Tailor your resume and experiences for the role
It鈥檚 all about persistence, persistence, persistence
Get feedback from others and keep revising your resume
Continue building your skills and working on interesting projects
Go to career fairs, tech fairs, and conferences & connect w/ recruiters
鈥淚s it to late to apply to X?鈥 - No, it鈥檚 not late at all!!!
Apply anyways, the job posting is still up for a reason!!
You miss 100% of the shots you don鈥檛 take
Luck = where hard work and preparation meets opportunity

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