Mondrian x Cabbage Systems
Materials for Oct 12th

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Discord Strategy


To create a community of overseas metaverse creators within the Mondrian Discord server. This will be an opportunity for Mondrian to meet and build connections with possible future overseas collaborators and should be a place for overseas creators to network and learn about Japanese and Mondrian-led metaverse activities.


It seems best to keep the channel structure of this new community simple at first: #introductions
The standard intro channel
News from Mondrian, including information about upcoming events and contests
An area for creators to show off their recent and in-progress work and arrange playtest sessions
A place where Mondrian and Japan-based members can report on recent Fortnite and metaverse-related activities in Japan. This is mostly just to build hype and give members the impression that they’re learning something cool about metaverse creation in Japan.
A general chat channel where members can ask questions about UEFN/Fortnite Creative development
A place for members to try to recruit collaborators for their projects

How to Recruit Members

We foresee some challenges in building this community.

Challenge #1: Why will creators want to join this community?

David has already provided some answers to this: we can try to promote this community as a way to learn about contests and other promotions led by Mondrian. Cabbage Systems also suggests finding some way of making the idea of joining a community of Japan-based creators, and exposure to the Japanese market, sound exciting. If we could arrange an event to coincide with the debut of the Discord community, that could be a good way to get the community started. Example: arranging a playtest event with Mondrian-affiliated streamers to stream plays of maps created by members of this community.

Challenge #2: What kind of activity will happen within the community so that it feels active?

This is a common issue with Discord communities. If there’s not a lot of active discussion, a community can feel “dead” and members are unlikely to return or interact. We should brainstorm topics to discuss or services the Mondrian team could offer that would generate activity on the server. Examples: help arranging playtests, information about the Japanese market/moving to/working in Japan, introductions to Japanese streamers and creators/collaborators.

Challenge #3: How will we reach creators to tell them about the community?

Ideally, we would recruit members directly where they’re already gathering, but most existing communities do not allow promotion of other communities. For example, , the official Epic UEFN/Fortnite Creative Discord, UEFN Community Discord — all these communities have policies against promotion of other servers.
Twitter is another channel, and probably our best option, but reach can be limited and most of Mondrian’s existing network is Japanese language-only. Margaret and Kevin are happy to retweet and use our professional networks on Twitter and LinkedIn, but reach will be fairly limited there as well. We should brainstorm other ideas about this, and consider the idea above, about planning an event to coincide with the introduction of this community.
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