Bodyswaps Go Manual

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How to use Bodyswaps Go

What is Bodyswaps Go?

is a web-based portal for configuring and managing users in Bodyswaps. It duplicates some of the features of an account management tool and an LMS (learning management system).
With Bodyswaps Go you can
Create and manage learners access to Bodyswaps content
Send email invitations to specific classes
View usage of Bodyswaps within your organisation
Manage devices you have Bodyswaps installed on and configure their behaviour
Produce short-codes to sign in to the app in order to access your online profile.

In future you will also be able to:
View your achievements and badges
Run Bodyswaps in the browser using cloud-streaming
Purchase additional content and licenses
View advanced learner insights
Manage integration with third party LMS system
Customise content

General Notes

Before we delve into the details, it may be worth familiarising yourself with the following:


The following articles describe each section of the site


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