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The pages above show the official logos of the BIG brand identity system. The brand has four lock-ups: Main, Abbreviated, Horizontal, and Full.

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-12.png
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-74.png
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-73.png
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-75.png
The Main Lock-up is the highest in terms of usage hierarchy. It is the most flexible lock-up and the mark that best and most concisely captures the core of the brand. This is recommended to be the most used lock-up.
The Abbreviated Lock-up is the brand’s most concise mark. It is best used in cases with limited space or when being used in a setting where the audience is familiar with the company and what is represents (e.g. internal presentations and conferences).
The Horizontal Lock-up is designed for landscape or horizontally-oriented canvasses.

The Full Lock-up is the brand’s most complete mark. It is the busiest lock-up and should be used sparingly. It is recommended to be used in instances where the canvass has ample space and when the company needs a full introduction of its identity.

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