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Brand DNA

Vision and Mission

BIG envisions building an innovative and inclusive learning ecosystem that will enable Filipino enterprises to thrive in the industries of tomorrow.

Through intentional research, BIG transforms data into actionable governance and management insights for enterprises & corporations, development organizations and the public sector.
Together with the Bayan Family of Foundations, BIG is committed to creating social impact through social enterprise education and development.

Brand Philosophy

The brand's philosophy answers why our brand exists and how we hope to achieve our vision.

Going BIG means going DEEP

Redefining “big” from quantity to quality;
Our work in Bayan has always been about drilling down to the heart of the matter. This is the essence of research and of community-building on-the-ground. Our deep knowledge of communities and their needs is what makes our research transformational. We find synergies in the intersections of partnerships, ecosystems, and public advocacy which gives birth to true collaboration. We look at the bigger picture, transforming deep insight to big impact.
We go big by going deep.

Brand Values

The following are the values for the brand identity of The Brand but are not necessarily its official corporate or operational values.


Grounded in nation-building
BIG is grounded in the Filipino context. Connected to our roots as we work towards becoming a knowledge hub in the future where knowledge is shared freely.

An organization that learns

At its core, BIG aspires to be an organization that continuously learns and enables a culture of learning for its team members and partners. It is BIG’s belief that meaningful outcomes and deep impact are achieved through the application of continuous learning and quality of insight.

Grounded in nation-building, deeply rooted in communities

BIG is grounded in BFF’s work with Filipino communities. While it positions itself to become a leader in digital transformation, its work remains rooted in the community, in the Filipino context, and in its commitment to nation-building from the ground up.
Drivers of innovation
BIG, together with BFF, aims to lead the Philippine Social Enterprise (SE) sector in transforming the wealth of its knowledge and experience into responsive program and policy design. BIG aims to be a driver of research, learning and policymaking innovations that will meet the needs of SE stakeholders more effectively and further BFF’s advocacy of social enterprise education and development.

Brand DNA Summary

Why are we here?
To help Filipino change authorities create lasting and inclusive change in the Philippines.
What do we do and how do we do it?
BIG is your trusted knowledge consultant for development and transformation.
What makes us different?
Our relationship to the ecosystem of Bayan Family of Foundations;
Our experienced fellows and track record of success stories in both the private and public sector;
No gaps in implementation, Knowledge always translates to action;
Grounded in Philippine context and driven by global innovation.
Who are we here for?
Filipino changemakers
Organizations that wants to make significant change in the Philippines. Leaders in their respective industries looking to enact policies and development change.
What do we value?

Research that is connected to Philippine context, innovative collaboration, and activators of lasting change.

What's our personality?
Inclusive, trustworthy, and professional, while still retaining malasakit and empathy, connected to real human experiences, and innovative.

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