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Main Lock-up

As the BIG logo’s Main Lock-up, it is the highest in terms of usage hierarchy. It is the most flexible lock-up and the mark that best and most concisely captures the core of the brand. This is recommended to be the most used lock-up.


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-12.png


The BIG Icon symbolizes its key foundational values.
It is stylized “i”, representative of the self. This brings forward BIG’s belief that leadership begins with the self with the goal of transforming others for the better.
This imagery also stands for BIG’s work being rooted in the human experience, valuing inclusivity, groundedness, and understanding.
The “i” icon also stands for Innovation. Beyond being the group’s middle name, BIG’s innovative work happens in the collaboration and synergy with its partners.
The BIG Logotype is a custom typeface based off of the humanist sans serif Alegreya Sans. The deliberate handcrafted feel fits the company’s human-centered approach.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-402.png
The distance between the icon and the logotype is equal to the width of the icon’s base.

Color Variations

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-12.png



Black & White


Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space is a space surrounding the logo set to ensure elements surrounding the logo will not overlap or obscure it. The clear space of the Main Lock-up is equal to the height of the BIG icon.

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-80.png
The minimum size of the Main Lock-up is at a width of 0.75 inches or 72 pixels. This is the smallest possible size that the mark can be produced or displayed.


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-37.png
Do not stretch the logo in any way when scaling.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-39.png
Do not recolor the logo with colors outside of the prescribed logo color combinations.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-41.png
Do not use a different font for the logotype.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-44.png
Do not place the logo in a container.
BIG - Coda Builder - 2204082-39.png
Do not display or reproduce at an insufficient resolution so as to cause pixelation.

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-38.png
Do not stretch the logo in any way when scaling.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-40.png
Do not rearrange the logo’s elements.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-42.png
Do not add any effects such as stroke, drop shadow, emboss, glow, etc.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-46.png
Do not recreate a one-color version where the icon’s integrity is not maintained.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-43.png
Do not rotate the logo.

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