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Horizontal Lock-up

The BIG logo’s Horizontal Lock-up is designed for landscape or horizontally-oriented canvasses.


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-73.png


The Horizontal Lock-up integrates the BIG icon into the logotype, replacing the “I”.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-41.png

Color Variations


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-73.png


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-19.png

Black & White

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-78.png

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space is a space surrounding the logo set to ensure elements surrounding the logo will not overlap or obscure it. The clear space of the Main Lock-up is equal to the height of the BIG icon.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-16.png

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-83.png
The minimum size of the Main Lock-up is at a width of 1.5 inches or 144 pixels. This is the smallest possible size that the mark can be produced or displayed.


BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-45.png
Do not stretch the logo in any way when scaling.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-47.png
Do not recolor the logo with colors outside of the prescribed logo color combinations.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-49.png
Do not use a different font for the logotype.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-52.png
Do not place the logo in a container.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-53.png
Do not display or reproduce at an insufficient resolution so as to cause pixelation.

BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-46.png
Do not stretch the logo in any way when scaling.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-48.png
Do not rearrange the logo’s elements.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-50.png
Do not add any effects such as stroke, drop shadow, emboss, glow, etc.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-51.png
Do not recreate a one-color version where the icon’s integrity is not maintained.
BIG - Coda Builder - 220408-54.png
Do not rotate the logo.

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