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The Notion User's Guide to Coda (2022 Edition)

What's Coda?

Updates on Coda's most recent launch and all it can do!
Coda is doc that brings it all together: words, data, teams, and the whole maker community. Over the past year, they’ve shipped tons of features to make you and your team more powerful. I’ve asked my friends at Coda to send over — here are a few:

A new editor.
Coda has rebuilt their entire editor, unlocking features like customizable page layouts and the ability to bring the endless capabilities of a page into a table row with canvas columns.

Page layout
Arranging paragraphs, images, and more side-by-side is now possible, and feels as easy as drag and drop.
Canvas columns
Now you can finally access all the richness of a page (images, tables, header images, comments, and more) inside a row. And it’s collaborative, so multiple people can edit at the same time, without overwriting.

Column_Demo-1280x720 (1).gif
Experience the richness of a page, within each row of a table.

The Packs ecosystem.
Coda is inviting anyone to come make Packs that will change how docs look, work, and integrate. You can do it right in your browser through our Pack Studio with minimal coding necessary. Soon you’ll be able to monetize your Packs through monthly subscriptions in our Gallery marketplace too. Apply for access to the beta

A sample Dropbox Pack.

Or, try out one of the Packs in Coda’s Gallery, so you can make your doc your own. Right now Coda has dozens of Packs, including Gumroad, Airtable, Notion, Plaid, and Hubspot. Soon there will be thousands.

And so much more!
Learn more here. ⤵️
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