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AISWA - Bee Free Plugin Guidelines

Sending Emails

ℹ️ In order to add content you must add rows first and then content. To add rows/content simply drag the row/content into the box inside the editor. Your selection will have a blue outline, this simply means it is selected.

Need more information on how to design in the builder, click on the link below
Differences between Save as template and save
Save as template will create a copy of the original template with the changes you made. It will not alter the original copy.
NOTE: When sending an email after you click save as template make sure to click save as that will save the current work you are doing on the plugin.
Save function is simply for saving the current content work that you are doing in order to send your email.
Differences between Users & Admin
Admins have a special role attached called Newsletter Designer. Newsletter designers will be able to lock and unlock rows to prevent users from changing them.
Headers & Footers for all templates will be locked except for Template 1, Template 2 and Template 3 as each department will be able to add in their own department banner/stripe from the folder within the plugin and then save as for use next time.
Users who do not have this role will not be able to make any changes to the header/footer rows if they are locked. Any changes can be requested to AISWA Web Support.

How to use my files folder
1. To open the files folder will need to drag a row under the row tab into the editor area and then drag an image under the content tab to a row and click browse.
2.You will be presented with two folders.
a. My files
b. Shared ( not used as it is a read only folder directly from the plugin and can't be removed)
3. Click the icon folder for myfiles
4. There are 13 Folders, one for each department. Within these folders there are another 2 folders. One for stripe and one for Banner.
5. To upload files you must upload within your department folder only.
TIP: Keeping a clean folder directory will cause less confusion for other users. So please name files accordingly and upload ONLY to your department folder.
Removal of the salutation “Dear” and why?
The reason we have removed the word “ Dear” is that often there are Adhoc emails in the DL that have no first name or last name only an email address. This does not look good. Eg. Dear ( blank)
If there is a first name and last name then the token will use First Name Last Name which looks fine but then those that have only an email it will be blank.
Option could be to use Dear Subscriber “First Name Last Name “ and then if there is only an email it will show as just Dear Subscriber. NOT FINALISED YET

The differences between Bee Plugin API & Bee Pro
Bee Plugin API is integrating their Content editor (Bee Plugin) into the Drupal environment via an API. Emails will still be sent via Mailgun through the AISWA Website. The Bee Plugin is an embeddable email & Pop up builder only.
Bee Pro is online tool for creating email newsletters and website page builder. This online tool is similar to Mailchimp & Constant Contacts, which includes analytics. Bee Pro is not a tool that can be integrated into another system however it does use the same content editor ( bee Plugin) for building content.
The Differences between Paragraph & Text content
Paragraph Content can be used to create text however when making changes to the properties of the text it will apply to the whole text within that block. The inline WYSIWYG editor has less functionality. You will not be able to add bullet points or any numbering using paragraph.
Text has much better functionality when adding or editing your content. It has the full feature widgets on the WYSIWYG Editor and can change specific bits of text without changing the whole text within the block.
TIP: it is recommended to use Text content for more functionality
The Differences between Settings, Rows and Content
One of the biggest strengths of the BEE builder is that it provides creative professionals with tremendous design flexibility.
This is achieved by separating the concepts of Settings (which apply to the entire design), Rows (which can be added, removed, copied, saved, and moved), and Content (individual content blocks: images, text, buttons, etc., which also can be added, removed, copied, and moved).

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