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Bee Snapshot

BEE Editing Options

The BEE editor breaks up editing options into three sections:
Content: This tab allows you to add content boxes, which hold all of the content in the body of your email. You can add Text, Image, Button, Divider, and Social content boxes to your template.
Structure: This tab allows you to arrange the placement of content boxes.
Body: This tab allows you to edit general settings, such as background color, link color, and font.

BEE Formatting Options

In the AISWA CMS it supports the following formatting options in the BEE editor:
Font style
Font size
Background color
Align left, center, or right
Insert symbols
Bulleted list
Numeric list
Indent left or right

Image Files

When adding image files to your document with the BEE Email Template Editor, do not include the following special characters in the file names:
You can add image files up to 4MB in size

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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