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Applying a table of contents in the Bee Plugin Editor

DO NOT USE. Further testing needs to be done by MMC

Step By Step Guide to applying a table of contents
RECOMMENDED USE: Long Newseltter
Drag in a row and add the text content.
Add in your table of contents. i.e Title 1, Title 2
IMPORTANT! Title of table of content should match the title of paragraphs of your newseletter
3. Hyperlink the titles in your table of content using the hyperlink widget. This should appear as you make you selection/highlighting the text.
4. Use #Title of the table of contents.
Example: #Title
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all your table of content titles
6. Drag a HTML under the content tab and drop it above the paragraph that you would like to anchor to.
7. You should see something like this
<div class="our-class"> I'm a new HTML block. </div>
8. Please replace with the new HTML Tag below
<p id="Title"></p>

NOTE: the above "title" is just an example. it will depend on what the titles of your table of contents. For this purpose lets assume the title is Nature starts here Your code should like this:
<p id=Nature starts here"></p>
9. Repeat steps 6 - 8
Test by sending an email to yourself to ensure you have done this correctly.
Any issues can be directly reported to AISWA Web Support and if required raise a ticket to the Service Desk.
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