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Using the Save as Template Functionality

Using the Save as Template functionality
Before proceeding, please note that this is a plugin from a third party. Sending emails will still be triggered via mail gun via the AISWA website.
To add content you must add rows first and then content. To add rows/content simply drag the row/content into the box in the editor. Your selection will have a blue outline, this simply means it is selected.

1. Go to:
2. Choose none from Template from dropdown if you would like to start from scratch or choose from your department templates or template 1, 2 or 3
3. Under Content click on View Editor (This will open the new Bee Plugin editor)
4. Pop Up will appear with a blank or a template that you have chosen
NOTE: If you select the wrong template press escape or click outside the pop up
Then select the correct template and click on view editor under content
5. Continue to make your changes to the template.
6. You can preview what it looks like on the desktop and mobile by clicking the action link on the top left and choose preview. (Please see differences between Save as template and save)
7. Once you have finished and you like what you have done click the action link on the top left and choose to save as template
8. Please name the template using your:
department – Short Description of what this template is – your name
Example: ART-Weekly_dances-Aaron
TIP: Keep the short description very short. Make sure it is clear, so other users know it belongs to you.
9. Keep Type as none.
10. Click the grey save button.
11. Click the prompt at the top of the page.
12. This template should now be saved in the template’s module, and you can select it as template when you are sending an email.
NOTE: if the template does not show, you will need to do a hard refresh using Ctrl + Shift + R and then try to select the template again.
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