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Sending Email Via AISWA Communications

Sending Emails

ℹ️ In order to add content you must add rows first and then content. To add rows/content simply drag the row/content into the box in the editor. Your selection will have a blue outline, this simply means it is selected.
Step by Step Guide
Choose Distribution List
Add Subject
From Name if Applicable
From Email
Choose Pre Approved Template from dropdown
Under Content click on View Editor ( This will open the new Bee Plugin editor)
Pop Up will appear with your selection of template if chosen
If you select the wrong template press escape or click outside the pop up
Then select the correct template and click on view editor under content
Users will not be able to edit the header or footer. These are locked
11. Create content then save using the blue button on the top right of the pop up.
12. You can browse to add an image on follow the option available that is
· upload an image
· Select from the free image library
13. You can delete rows that you don’t need
14. You can preview what it looks like on the desktop and mobile by clicking the action link on the top left and choose preview
15. You can check desktop, Mobile and Dark Mode preview. To exit preview mode click the close X button on the top right.
NOTE: Please do not press escape or click outside the pop up.
16. When you are finished click the blue save button on the top right.
17. Click save again at the bottom of the page.
18. Lastly Click send
19. You will be able to use the duplicate functionality in the manage emails. Simply edit and repeat the above process
IMPORTANT: When duplicating and editing, selecting a different template you will lose the content you created for the duplicate will be gone.

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