Software Visionaries, New Economists & Communitarians

Participatory Commons can be any size and now are becoming possible on a large scale - as well as the weaving of multiple participatory commons into ecosystems - due to the convergent work of software visionaries, next economy innovators and social visionaries. Each is bringing a unique perspective and tool set to the table with the resultant synergy now reaching a tipping point of commons innovation.
The software visionaries - in a certain sense - have led the way. Unfettered by social or economic influences on what is possible - they have been steadily evolving our ability to encode the coordination of collective human effort - transcending both local boundaries and the limitations of scale. The development of blockchain technology was a major advancement in the ability for computer code to act as a trust proxy in on-line communities. Third generation blockchain and post-blockchain technologies like Holochain allow that trust proxy to be truly decentralized and owned by the community stewarding any particular commons without the need for centralized control or prohibitive ledger replication.
Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock of the bring forth the revolutionary concept that we are on the verge of a great “expressive and receptive capacity leap” in our ability to co-generate and share value and commons wealth. Akin to evolving our expressive capacity from the grunts of the cave man to the rich languages, symphonies and great literary works of our day, we are evolving from the debt-based centrally controlled fiat currency of first-stage capitalism to a rich mulit-linqual language and set of tools to co-generate and share (or) of all types.
This conception of multi-dimensional value views wealth as a flow of currents embedded in - and an integral part of - the natural world as opposed to a store of value in commodified fixed objects. The philosophy and tools being developed by the MetaCurrency Project - and many others in the next economy movement - empower Participatory Commons with the tools and frameworks needed for the internal economics of a participatory commons - as well as provide a shared set of protocols for interoperable commons.
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