Commons Pattern Langauge

Nature based understanding of self-evolving integrated systems. Understanding of core DNA and co-authoring of culture and collective effort. Understanding co-evolution of Organelles <> Cells <> Tissues <> Organs <> Organisms <> Ecosystems <> Biosphere and how that maps and informs - Inner Personal <> Individual <> Team <> Organization <> Community <> Movements <> Society.
Spirit & Matter / Consciousness & Architecture understanding of self-evolving living systems - the bodies needed to serve our highest expressions of collective consciousness - political economic body as the prime social collective body (Organic < Hierarchical > Sociocratic > Holonocratic evolution of organizing human effort)
Starting place-holder agreements on tools, protocols, frameworks and platforms for communications, mapping, wisdom repositories, sense-making, decision-making, co-generation and sharing of wealth. These are immediately open to re-iterative process of continual co-creation and refinement.
Sociocratic/Holonocratic structures allow interoperable “receptor and expressor sites”. Specific sociocratic circles in each org whose function is to collaborate and cross-pollination with other individuals, orgs, communities, movements.
Membrane and Right Placement based understanding of individual autonomy, roles, responsibility, inspiration, engagement, compensation and abundance using Metacurrency philosophy and tools.
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