Deep Bow to the Foundational Works

This Participatory Commons pattern is built upon the great work of many others. The emergence of the “commoning movement” represents nothing less than the pathway to post-capitalism and to a regenerative future. We give a deep bow to all those working on this work - you are the foundation of Humanity’s future!
If you are new to this movement we invite you to familiarize yourself with the following foundational works. There are so many more to mention but some that have had a strong influence on this work are:
, Eric Harris-Braun -for their revolutionary understanding of true wealth and current-sees through the , and and their post-blockchain work with and
with her foundational 8 principles of commoning
, for their definitive work on the emerging commons movement
- for his foundational and extensive work through the
- pioneering example of participatory commons business ecosystem
- latest article by David Bollier

Along with the following pivotal frameworks, applications, and tools:
Joachim Stroh, Christina Bowen - ,
- The genius work of Jean Russell, Ferananda Ibarra and Emaline Friedman
- Full stack of Commoning tools
- Sharing creative works with appropriate membranes
- Stephanie Rearick

Commoning Resources:
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