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Network Monitoring

February 12, 2021
After much encouragement from
Take a look at how we could have a more humane

From MVP to Solution, lesson learned

January 25, 2021
Too many times working in R&D
I got over-excited and turned a MVP into an actual fully working solution
However, what’s the intent of a MVP?
I thought the goal was to showcase what technology can do for them, right?
Maybe that’s not the best way

Synergize Studio

December 17, 2020
After a lot of time invested on reading about Business, Psychology, Motivation, and many other
books you can look in
Could it be possible to change the way individuals, teams and leaders interact in an Organization?
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Red Queen

November 15, 2020
After playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I fell in love with the open ended world idea, you write you own game basically
When does work became a despective word?
Why my daughter goes to Childcare to play and I go to the office to work?
Is there another way of working?
Maybe your next project could be a D&D campaign like

Miniature Screen

June 17, 2020
These days when we are to stay healthy and work remotely, we have make great progress implementing a new technology and there is great team collaboration. Unfortunately, there is one part missing, that feeling of belonging that we feel when we are all sitting together working towards a common goal.
Maybe we can virtually stay connected with 🤔

Call Center Dashboard

May 25, 2020
Building on to of
I moved my attention to a specific domain
Today Dashboards are set in a way to help operator answer specific answers, following the rabbit hole, what the question? well, it depends on
the Audience
the KPIs
Or even, what I need the data to prove
So instead of focusing on searching for the question,
could we create a physical representation of the digital world?
Take a look at

Unconventional use of Terraform

April 18, 2020
Sometimes terraform gets in the way when you're in the middle of a troubleshooting session and you need to change your infrastructure.
Maybe there is another approach

Optimizing for the wrong self

April 9, 2020
I’m intrigued by the idea that the human brain is more capable than we give it credit.
When you want to move your arm, you just think about moving it and the brain does the rest. Yet, most of our technology focuses on logic and interpretations.
It is possible to rely on the intuition side?

Beyond point-and-click

November 20, 2019
I remember those days when more was better, we had application with a screen full of submenus.
Google went to the opposite direction, a single input text
Could we go even farther with the help of AI?
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Transitioning from Cloud to Premise

October 11, 2019
After working dedicated on the cloud, I accepted the challenge of migrating applications from Premise to AWS, to my surprise the different architecture of each environment, one prefers a simple monolith, the other small distributed functions.
I try to explain considerations involved on the transition.
Spoiler alert this is not an exclusive technical problem

SQL Chatbot

May 19, 2019
I don’t understand why at this age in time, it’s expected from users to learn and memorize syntax, specifically something as basic as SQL
Wouldn’t it be nice if we can use natural language to accomplish what our DB needs is? 🤔
Take look at

Starting with Amazon Connect

October 13, 2018
I had the opportunity to work dedicated on Amazon Connect, even before its release.
After some successes and a lot of failures, I recorded and edited my first Youtube Getting Started video.
I walk you through the setup steps and integrations to LEX and DynamoDB.
Take a look at

Pet Monitor

December 2, 2017
My wife and I were planning a trip to Colombia,
This was the first time that we were going to leave our 🐈 for more than 2 weeks with a cat sitter.
As the departure day approach, the anxiety grew.
I ended implementing our own

TLS Encryption explained

November 25, 2017
This post talks about the basic requirements to implement Transport Layer Security (TLS) and problems it solves
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