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Miniature Screen

June 17, 2020


These days when we are to stay healthy and work remotely, we have make great progress implementing a new technology and there is great team collaboration. Unfortunately, there is one part missing, that feeling of belonging that we feel when we are all sitting together working towards a common goal.


We are an average team with daily standups, scrum boards and helpful team member willing to lend a hand when needed. Maybe this could be solved by setting a conference room that people could always join when they want "sit close" virtually, in this scenario is unrealistic that we are going to dedicate our limited screen resource to a conference that is going to be quite most of the time.


What if we add some functionality to our miniature figure in our desk?
How about if we place a small screen?
However, there still be some privacy concerns, so we could have emojis instead, look at how Vector Robot show emotions with his eyes
Would you like to have your team with miniature vinyls on your desk?


After struggling getting the screen working with a 4 wires setup. It's finally alive
image (3).png
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