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From MVP to Solution

January 25, 2021
Too many times working in R&D
I got over-excited and turned a MVP into an actual fully working solution
However, what’s the intent of a MVP?
I thought the goal was to showcase what technology can do for them, right?
I went over with impressive edge cases and every time we had a live presentation, I could only think of all the ways it could go wrong
One time, that became reality.
Unfortunately, the system wasn't confident enough with the user input and decided to go with an edge case.
All those good intentions ended up working against the main goal.
Long after that experience, while reading , I finally understood
Most often than not, your are in the product discovery phase
According to Marty, the goal of a MVP is 🌈 🙌
Who is the customer?
Would customer need it so much that they would be willing to pay for it?
Is there any implementation uncertainties?
shall we keep it generic or focus on specific industries?
In this instance, we used state-of-the-art technology to capture leads
Customers are here and they want to go there, this is how they could transition
what about you, what are you optimizing for?
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