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Call Center Dashboard

May 25, 2020
Another side of the current Covid situation, is the opportunity/time that we now have to work on those ideas that never made it to the forefront of our TO-DO list.
From the time I started working with Amazon Connect, I've been facing the following question: `what's going on?`
As soon as I release a new version, I want to know who is stuck with IVR/LEX, where are they at, basically, to see each caller's path.
Intuitively, I browse the real-time metrics to get an idea of the current call center state.
Unfortunately, I'm a visual guy and numbers are answers for questions that I haven't asked. It almost feels like I need to hunt for the questions that the numbers are answering.
Wouldn't it be nice if we were playing a video game and we could see the whole Amazon Connect? Let's imagine a customer comes in, he talks with the concierge, who refers him to sales. That simple.
This is what I'm spending my free time on.
Results look promising, the latest version integrates with Amazon Connect with a delay of 1-7 seconds.
I would love to see it working on your Amazon Connect instance, let me know if you want to be part

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