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Synergize Studio

A place where teams can reach their best potential
December 17, 2020
Over the holiday break, I started an ambitious project merging many ideas I’ve had in the last 3 years.

Synergize Studio

A place where teams can reach their best potential


Synergize: combine or coordinate the activity of (two or more agents) to produce a joint effect greater than the sum of their separate effects
Studio: a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.
a gym, to train, to improve Personal Coach, simple, natural, fluid


As I started with the end in mind, I flip the way I usually do personal projects. I started with the website, and doing happy paths POCs just to add more content to the site.
As I work on the site, 3 main audiences came to mind

For individuals

private, you control who can see your data, Skill tracker, personal development, short term and long term goals, Career development, current role and next steps, organization agnostic, your info moves with you if you change companies, Career path

For teams

Share and get to know your team members, Conflict resolution tools, Trust building, Goals, Norms and processes, Discover the landscape

For leadership

Inspire, Anonymous Aggregated information, feedback, reward, incentivize and influence.
There is more information about the

Product Market Fit

Reading , It suggests to do feedback early, so I re-iterated through the problem statement
One of the tools to overcome limitations with teams, motivation and career developer is , there I define what its intent is and how we could tackle the problem from different perspectives

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