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icon picker - The Speed Networking App

Overview is a speed networking app that connects professionals across multiple industries. Users can randomly connect one-on-one with other users in short, timed meetings. Users can either chat randomly, or they can pick a category to chat in (sales, product, engineering, etc.). Users can also either host or join group meetings where professionals can connect.


For business professionals who need a network with others, Randomly is a speed networking site like Omegle that is focused on connecting you with professionals. Unlike other online networking services, is focused on short sessions with an emphasis on speed networking.


Timed 1:1 Chat
Hosted/join group sessions
Dedicated chat categories (product, sales, engineering)
Online profile (digital contact card)
Built-in messenger


User Problems & Solutions

User Problems:

Networking remotely is difficult
Slack communities are paid
Lack of in-person networking events
Difficult to connect with professionals in your desired career path


Speed networking
Free to use
Online events
Categories for desired fields

Quantitative Research - Survey Questions

How do you feel about current online networking solutions?
How do you feel about current in-person networking solutions in your area?
How important is networking to you?
How do you feel about online Slack communities and their usefulness?
How likely are you to network with people in your industry?
How likely are you to network with people outside of your industry?
How likely are you to conduct a speed networking session online?
Would you be willing to conduct an interview for a new online networking solution?

Qualitative Research - Interview Questions

Learning Objectives:

What are the problems faced by the user?
What is the severity of their problems?
What they are trying to do to solve those problems?
Is the user actively searching for a solution?
Is the user satisfied with available solutions?
Does the user have a budget for solving this problem?
How does the user define success?

Interview Questions:

What are your three biggest problems when attempting to network?
What causes these problems?
What are your biggest problems when networking in person?
What are your biggest problems when networking remotely?
What are you trying to do to solve this problem?
What networking solutions are you familiar with?
Are you satisfied with current networking solutions?

User Personas

User Persona 1 - Aaron Write: The Tech Professional

Age - 27
Ethnicity - African American
Gender - Male
Income - $75,000
Geography - US
Education - Bachelor’s in Computer Science
Connect 1:1 with senior-level professionals in his industry
Access to groups of developers in his position
Affordable networking solution
Aaron is a front-end developer looking to progress in his career. He’s applied to multiple jobs but hasn’t heard back. He’s heard from others that the best way to find new opportunities is to network with others. He searched for networking events near him, but since he works remotely in a small town there are none relevant to his industry. He searches online, but most Slack communities are with people in his position and not mid-senior level.
User Story:
As a front-end developer looking to move up in his career, Aaron needs to be able to network with senior-level professionals so that he can gain access to better opportunities.

User Persona 2 - Jessica Carter: The Transitioning Professional

Age - 28
Ethnicity - Caucasian
Gender - Female
Income - $60,000
Geography - US
Education - Bachelor’s in Marketing
Connect with individuals outside her industry 1:1
Access to groups with others trying to transition
Affordable networking solution
Jessica is currently working remotely on the sales team at a tech startup. She has been in sales for the past few years, but wants to make the transition into product management. She participated in a bootcamp to gain the necessary skills, but is struggle to find a job. She wants to connect with other product managers to gain more insight, but her request to connect via LinkedIn aren’t yielding results. She could ask a co-worker, but she’d rather keep her transition private.
User Story:
As an aspiring product manager, Jessica needs to be able to network with other product managers so that she can gain insight into the role she truly wants.

User Persona 3 - Mila Singh: The First-Time Founder

Age - 26
Ethnicity - Indian
Gender - Female
Income - $80,000
Geography - US
Education - Bachelor’s in Business
Connect with with other aspiring co-founders
Connect with other tech professionals to create a team
Group session with other aspiring founders
Affordable networking solution
Mila is an aspiring first-time founder with a validated idea that she believe will make waves in the tech industry. She is looking for a co-founder, but hasn’t had any luck with finding one. In addition to a co-founder, she also needs other founding members of her team. She’s reached out to colleagues from past jobs and from college, but no one is interested.
User Story:
As an aspiring founder, Mila needs to be able to network with other potential co-founders and tech professionals so that she can form her founding team.


Panel 1:
[Image: A smartphone screen displaying the app icon.]
Caption: Introducing - Empowering career growth through professional networking!
Panel 2:
[Image: Aaron opens the app and sees a registration screen. He eagerly fills in his name, email, and creates a password.]
Caption: Sign up to create your profile and take your career to new heights.
Panel 3:
[Image: Aaron's profile is displayed, featuring his name, profile picture, and a bio section. He carefully highlights his front-end development expertise and aspirations for career growth.]
Caption: Customize your profile to showcase your skills and career goals.
Panel 4:
[Image: Aaron selects "Start Networking" from the app's main menu, excitedly anticipating the possibilities ahead.]
Caption: Begin networking with senior-level professionals for better career opportunities.
Panel 5:
[Image: Aaron enters the main networking interface and is prompted to choose between random or categorized networking. He selects "Categorized Networking."]
Caption: Choose your preferred networking mode for targeted connections.
Panel 6:
[Image: Aaron sees a range of industry categories and specifically chooses the "Senior Professionals" category, tailored to his career advancement needs.]
Caption: Connect with seasoned professionals to gain valuable insights and opportunities.
Panel 7:
[Image: Aaron is matched with a senior-level professional from his field for a timed one-on-one meeting. He eagerly prepares to make a lasting impression.]
Caption: Engage in meaningful discussions and seek guidance from experienced mentors.
Panel 8:
[Image: Aaron receives valuable advice and recommendations during the meeting, feeling inspired and motivated to pursue his career goals. After the speed networking session they agree to exchange contact cards.]
Caption: Unlock new opportunities and expand your professional network.
Panel 9:
[Image: Aaron decides to host a group meeting focused on front-end development for mid-senior level professionals. He sets the topic and time, eager to create a platform for knowledge exchange.]
Caption: Take the lead and organize industry-specific group networking sessions.
Panel 10:
[Image: Aaron's event is displayed, showcasing the topic, time, and number of participants. The event gains attention and interest from mid-senior level professionals.]
Caption: Foster collaborative discussions and create a community of like-minded professionals.
Panel 11:
[Image: Aaron actively participates in a group meeting, engaging with professionals at a similar career stage. He shares knowledge and learns from others, fostering growth and connections.]
Caption: Exchange ideas, gain insights, and build relationships within your professional circle.
Panel 12:
[Image: Aaron receives a notification indicating that his networking session is about to end. He expresses gratitude to the participants and feels motivated to continue his career growth journey.]
Caption: Maximize your networking experience and leave a positive impact.
Panel 13:
[Image: Aaron is redirected to the app's main menu, where he can explore more networking opportunities, access resources, and stay connected with the community.]
Caption: Explore limitless career possibilities and stay connected with

User Journey Mapping

User Registration:
User discovers app through various channels (website, app store, word of mouth).
User downloads and installs the app on their mobile device.
User opens the app and starts the registration process.
User provides necessary information such as name, email, and creates a password. This creates a contact card that is shareable to other users
User agrees to the terms and conditions of the app.
Profile Setup:
User is prompted to complete their profile by providing additional details like job title, industry, and a profile picture.
User has the option to import their professional information from LinkedIn or manually enter the details.
User can customize their profile by adding a short bio or links to their personal website/portfolio.
Exploring Features:
User is presented with a tutorial or guided tour to familiarize themselves with the app's features.
User learns about the three main options: one-on-one random meetings, one-on-one categorized meetings, and group meetings.
User understands that they can either chat randomly or select a specific category for their conversations.
One-on-One Random Meetings:
User selects the one-on-one random meeting option.
User is matched with another user based on their preferences, such as industry or job title.
User and their matched partner are provided with a countdown timer for a set duration of the meeting (e.g., 5 minutes).
User engages in a conversation with the matched partner during the allocated time.
After the meeting ends, the user has the option to continue networking, exchange contact cards, or end the session.
Category-Based Chats:
User chooses the category-based chat option.
User selects a specific category (e.g., sales, product, engineering) they are interested in.
User is matched with another user who has also selected the same category.
User engages in a conversation related to the selected category.
Group Meetings:
User decides to host or join a group meeting.
If hosting, user sets up the meeting details, such as topic, date, time, and maximum number of participants.
User invites other professionals to join the group meeting through the app.
If joining, user browses through available group meetings based on their interests or recommendations.
User selects a group meeting to join and receives confirmation.
Feedback and Ratings:
After each interaction (one-on-one or group meeting), users have the option to rate their experience and provide feedback.
User can rate the quality of the conversation, the relevance of the matches, and overall satisfaction.
User's feedback helps to improve the matching algorithms and user experience.
Continued Usage:
User can continue using to network with professionals across different industries.
User can explore more categories, join more group meetings, and expand their professional network.
User may receive notifications or recommendations for relevant events or meetings based on their interests and preferences.

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