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Chapter 7 - Beyond Lean and Agile


There is no silver bullet
Lean and Agile are here to stay. Many teams are disappointed with the adoption of these methods however.
The way these two methods are implemented is hardly how they were intended to be.

Three core principles

Risks are tacked up front, rather than at the end.
Value risk - whether customers will buy it.
Usability risk - whether users can figure out how to use it.
Feasibility risk - whether engineers can build what we need witht the time, skills, and technology we have.
Business viability - whether this solution also works for the various aspects of our business - sales, marketing, finance, legal, etc.
Products are defined and designed collaboratively, rather than sequentially.
In strong teams, product, engineering, and design work side by side.
It’s all about solving problems, not implemented features.

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