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Hello and welcome to the LOGISTICS Doc. This is our headquarters, with all the technical information needed to run the trip. While in other parts of Coda we share ideas, content, and information regarding activities and interesting things to do, the LOGISTICS Doc is mainly for the business/organization side of things. It contains all the specific details we have to deal with every day and all in one place. Brevity and precision is important when sharing information, because as you well know, the days on the road are very full, with little time in-between activities.
Another factor of major importance is UPDATE FREQUENCY. To be useful, relevant, and used by most if not all of us, this Doc must be constantly and regularly kept updated. If information is not current, then we as a team will not trust it, and will look to other sources for help. So, if you see something that is incorrect, edit it IMMEDIATELY with the relevant and updated information. The teamwork and collaborative effort will make this document more and more useful as we go along.
In the left-side column, you see pages, and e page represents a day of the trip. Each page contains the following sections:
TO-DO LIST: a checklist of things to do on that day of the trip. You can check the boxes (in your own personal copy) so you can see at a glance the progress you are making on that day.
HR-By-HR: In table form, the Daily Schedule, taken from the official published hr-by-hr. Can be modified with real-life actual timings taken from our experience on the road.
VENDORS TO CALL / PAYMENT: A list of all the daily vendors, their contact information (including clickable numbers and emails), as well as payment information for each vendor
SETTINGS EXPECTATIONS: As the title suggests, the information which is important to communicate to the guests, both in terms of the specifics for that day, as well as the geo-specific information of the location.
HOTEL PRESENTATION: Specific information on the hotel and how to present it to guests. Includes all the hotels relevant to the location.
RESTAURANT: Restaurant information, including info on location and staff, setting expectations, as well as the Meal Plan.
RED FLAGS: Relevant possible difficulties and risk factors. This is information which is useful to us, but that we do not share with guests (for that see “Settings Expectation”). Includes info on possible timing issues, seasonal issues, physical risks / dangers, ecc.
PLAN B / EMERGENCIES: This section allows us to have a list of past emergencies and possible plan B/solutions. Emergencies are defined as urgent enough as to not allow a scheduled and included activity to go forward (bomb threat, for ex.).

There are also pages with examples of pre-made BULLETIN BOARDS from other TEL’s, a complete MEAL PLAN in tabular form, All the VENDOR CONTACTS in tabular form, and a STYLE GUIDE, which shows you how to organise, layout and format the content on each page correctly.

Personalise your own copy!

It is important to be aware that whatever change made in Coda and in this document will affect the whole team. If you click on an item in a checklist, it will remain selected for the whole team, if you change a number or add a personal memo or note, it will be visible for the whole team.
That is why we have decided to organise all the logistic information of this trip in a single file, so that it is possible to make a personal copy and then modify/personalise it to your preference. Again, if you need to personalise/change this file MAKE A COPY. Here is how you do it:

In the upper-left corner of the page, click on the 3 small dots next to the Doc title.
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A small menu will open up. Click on “Copy doc”
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Select “My Docs” as the destination, and then click the green button “Copy”
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Coda will make a copy and save it in your My Docs folder. The copied Page will open automatically in a new browser tab. Click the title name, and you can rename it to whatever you wish. Press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the new name.
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Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 14.53.05.png

Go to “My Docs” and you will see your personalised copy of “LOGISTICS”. in the folder. Any change you make will not affect the Master LOGISTICS file. Done! Cheers. Now go and conquer the world!
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