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Accelerating Innovation STEP by STEP
This is a learning guide that captures the basic nuances of design thinking with the intent and motivation to assist learners to apply it as an experiential and social learning process.
We strongly encourage you to team up, practice and be a Design Thinker.
The guide is built as a sequential step by step approach to applying viz Design Thinking, while in practice it is always iterative. The entry point into design could be many, while a process would always depict a more ideal approach. It is good to learn and master the ability to deal with uncertainty, hunches and idea in a more desirable, feasible and viable way.
The guide maps a fictitious innovation story of HealthPlates, an early stage product experience innovation for working professionals who struggle to eat healthy.

HealthPlates: An Innovation example using Design Thinking Methods

A product idea of making meal kits attempts to solve the challenge of working professionals leading stressed and unhealthy lifestyles due to long working hours and general distractions. The Users identified for research were working professionals who were having health issues, wanted to eat healthy, yet couldn’t find the time to shop and cook a meal, and would rather order healthy meals and snacks.
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This guide has been inspired by the amazing folks at
and , our sincere gratitude to them and the many books and resources on the practice. We have used the 4 Phase Diamond Model - , to map the methods as it provides a better implementation perspective.


The Stanford An introduction to Design Thinking Process Guide

IDEO DesignKit: The field Guide to Human Centred Design

Double Diamond Model: The framework for innovation



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