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Brand Signatures

The pages above show the official logos of the ActivAsia brand identity system. The brand has only three: The Main Logo, Secondary Lockup, and Logo Icon.

For corporate collaterals (business cards, lanyards, ID’s, letterheads, business cards, etc.) use the Main Logo. The should it need to be present.
For marketing collaterals (social media posts, promotional videos and media, flyers, posters, etc.) use the Main Logo. Similar to corporate collaterals, the tagline can come in as an additional graphic. However, for external marketing purposes, such as ActivAsia beside logos of other companies, the Secondary Lockup may be used in order to establish the tagline of the brand. The icon may be used for social media profile photos.
For web & print collaterals, the Main Logo is the most reliable mark because it can be used in smaller sizes. For icons or small marks within the pages, use the Logo Icon.

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