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‘Spreading Happiness’ is ActivAsia’s tagline. It has its own graphic for applications where it isn’t attached to the wordmark to provide flexibility for the brand. It resembles a smile, alluding to the happiness that is ingrained in ActivAsia’s culture.


The Tagline also comes in all colors of the .

Paired with The Main Logo


Although the Secondary Lockup already combines the tagline and wordmark, you may use the arc tagline graphic in tandem with the Main Logo for more creative combinations that are expressive of ActivAsia’s personality.
These would work best for internally produced materials, as the tagline will have more legroom to play in a given space.
The tagline can be placed to the side or bottom of the wordmark while still observing the (see: Clear Space & Minimum Size).

Usage Guide

The Tagline may be rotated as far as 90 degrees provided that it still resembles a smile :)

Do not rotate it to an orientation where it could be seen as a frown :(

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