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Main Logo

As the Main Logo of ActivAsia, it is the highest in terms of usage hierarchy. It is the most flexible lockup and the mark that best and most concisely captures the core of the brand.


ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Wordmark.jpg
The ActivAsia logo shares the warmth and humanness of the brand. It shows what makes their team strong: the people behind the A+ team culture that has built lasting relationships.
Inspired by Rube Goldberg machines, its two A's illustrate a bounce that connects from the first A to the next, alluding to ActivAsia's work ethic and the strength of their end-to-end service.

Color Variations

Primary Color Combinations

ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Primary Colors.jpg

Alternate Color Versions

ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Secondary Colors.jpg

Black & White

ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Black and White.jpg

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space is a space surrounding the logo set to ensure elements surrounding the logo will not overlap or obscure it. The clear space of the Main Logo is equal to the height of the stem of i.

ActivAsia - Minimum Size-01.png
The minimum size of the Main Logo is at a width of 0.5 inches. This is the smallest possible size that you can use this mark.


ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 1.jpg
Do not compress the logo when scaling.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 3.jpg
Do not shear the logo.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 5.jpg
Do not add any effects that skew the logos form or geometry.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 7.jpg
Do not add any gradients to the logo. Even if the colors are on brand
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 2.jpg
Do not stretch the logo when scaling.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 4.jpg
Do not slant the logo.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 6.jpg
Do not use colors or color combinations that are off brand.
ActivAsia - Coda Builder_Misuse 8.jpg
Do not add any embellishments to the logo such as drop shadows, bevels, glows, etc.

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