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Brand DNA

Where Are We Now

As the largest end-to-end brand solutions company, we have innovated to create leading & seamless brand moments across every channel for the past 16 years.
Nationwide Brand Activation Innovation agency that delivers impact everyday through pioneering omni-channel brand solutions.

Where We Want to Be

Internationally recognized and acclaimed Brand Activation Innovation agency at the forefront of change – pioneering solutions for brands that create happier lives for everyone.
ActivAsia as a mover and major player in our creative economy – greatly impacting and inspiring the creative community to grow and thrive.

Brand Philosophy

The brand's philosophy answers why our brand exists and how we hope to achieve our vision.

Building Braver Impact

“I want greater impact for my brand — but it’s never been done.”
ActivAsia pushes possibilities and creates bravely. We are unafraid to dream and relentless in our pursuit of happiness for all. Our ecosystem continues to grow and empower us to bring brands closest to the ground – impacting people everyday, in new and braver ways.
In ActivAsia, we spread happiness.

Brand Values

The following are the values for the brand identity of The Brand but are not necessarily its official corporate or operational values.

Happy People

Representing our overall goal and advocacy as an organization
Happy People means happiness for all - from the clients we serve to every single member on our team. ActivAsia strives for happiness rooted in community, care for one another, and the shared success of all.

Playfully Bold

Representing our Culture and Mindset
Playfully Bold encapsulates how we do things: creative exploration and experimentation without the fear of taking risks. We are unafraid to try new things, challenge norms, and dream a little crazier.

Building Bravely

Representing our Process and Service
Building Bravely is the philosophy that grounds our ActivAsia ecosystem. We innovate and scale our business through building; building services, building networks, but most importantly building people. If we can dream it, we can build it.

Brand DNA Summary

Why are we here?
To pioneer creative solutions for brands that create happier lives for everyone
What do we do and how do we do it?
Spreading Happiness through Brand Activations.
ActivAsia pushes possibilities and creates bravely for brands. Our ecosystem continues to grow and empower us to bring our partners closest to the ground – impacting people everyday, in new and braver ways.
What makes us different?
Scope and scale of ActivAsia's Ecosystem
15 years of collective, "closest-to-the-ground" insight
A+ Talent and Team
Brave Builder approach (going beyond and making the impossible possible)
Who are we here for?
Brands that want to deliver NEW impact.
Brands that want to pioneer never-before-seen experiences, spread happiness in new ways, and do things better than before.
What do we value?
Happy People, Being Playfully Bold, and Building Bravely
What's our personality?
Confident, Pioneering, Empowering, Game-changing while being Warm, Welcoming, Joyful, and Community-centric

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