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Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
Everything a marketer needs to launch a product, from maker Liz Derby.
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Launching products can feel uniquely painful each time, with a jumble of out-of-date Excel sheets and Google docs and games of telephone around the company. There’s a better way…or at least a Betterment way.

This Product Marketing Template from maker Liz Derby organizes and calms the groundhog-day chaos of launching products. At its center is a feature called Tiers, based on the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, which categorizes launches by priority, and based on that, helps generate marketing playbooks. It also has a place for messaging and content strategy, a calendar view for execution, and a place for Product to flag at-risk features. So Product and Marketing stay on the same page throughout the launch, from kickoff to narrative learnings.

Meet Liz Derby

Right and left brain in rare balance, Liz Derby works at the intersection of Marketing and Product. As a maker, Liz embraces complexity but only in the name of simplicity for the end user. Her Betterment Marketing Template contains the most impressive formulas we’ve seen created by a non-Coda employee.

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Doc building blocks
Liz Derby built this doc in Coda using these building blocks. Copy this doc to add on or customize as you see fit.
A special space for every person, meeting, and idea.
It’s easy to notify and assign tasks to people on your team.
The Calendar View lets you visualize your deadlines and itineraries. Any changes you make will update in the other tables.
All your information in one place. Coda tables talk to each other, so everyone can work off their own view, off the same data.
Coda is a new doc. It's kind of like Google docs meets Excel, except it can do magic tricks.
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Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
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