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The pages above show the official logos of the Mecha Mecha brand identity system– The Main Logo Lock-up, Horizontal Lock-up, and Logo System.

The Mecha Mecha logo is unafraid to play.
Anchoring on Mecha Mecha’s idea of repetition for emphasis and excitement, the logo is housed within a grid structure that allows for variability and expansion. The flexibility of the logo allows the viewer to take part in the discovery of the brand - inviting the community to enter the Mecha Mecha world.


For primary brand collaterals (restaurant sign, menu, website, business card, etc.) you can opt to use the or interchangeably as the brand’s logo. Assess the available space for the logo placement- Main Logo Lock-up is suggested for portrait / square placements while the Horizontal Lock-up is for landscape placements.
For brand expansion and secondary collaterals (social media, packaging, merchandise, event posters, etc.) you can opt to use Logo Variations following the . Logo Variations are suggested to be used as a design element vs. a logo.

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