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A comprehensive guide to mental health resources in Singapore
Have you been thinking about seeking mental healthcare, but don’t know where to start?
We’re so glad that you’re taking this brave first step, because taking care of your mental health is important for your emotional wellbeing, physical health, and relationships!
We understand how confusing Singapore’s mental health scene can be, so we’d like to bring help closer to you. On this cozy corner of the internet, we’ve written a primer for therapy and compiled a list of mental health resources in Singapore. All underlined texts in blue are links to respective websites.
But before you begin exploring the site, we’ve created user manuals based on your persona to help you navigate this space with more ease. Click on the dropdown arrows below to read your persona’s user manual!

If you’re...

💚 Looking for help for yourself
Getting help is a brave move, and you should be proud of yourself for taking such a huge step!
If this is your first time going for therapy, we recommend starting with the section. More specifically, the and pages. Then head over to the various resource pages to select the resource that’s most appropriate for you.
If your therapist has spoken to you about the model of therapy used in your treatment and you’d like to learn more about it, check out the page.
🧡 Seeking help for a loved one
First off, thank you for the concern you’re showing your loved one! Caring for someone with a mental health condition can be confusing, but we’re here to help.
We recommend starting with the section. Pop over to the page to identify the type of professional help your loved one needs. Next, check out the page to create the checklist with your loved one. Then head over to the various resource pages to select the resource that’s most appropriate for your loved one.
💛 Interested in learning more about mental healthcare
Thank you for wanting to learn more about mental healthcare! The more people know, the more we can erase the misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health. Please share your knowledge with the people around you too!
If you want to learn about mental healthcare, head over to the section. If you’re interested in Singapore’s mental health resources, check out our resource pages.

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