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Underdog September Update

Hey Nas,
Let me know if you didn’t get last months update. We’ve been picking up a ton of speed but have changed directions in a way. To keep it short and sweet , we’re going from a network to a platform. Same mission and problems.
We’re launching tools for communities to manage their members while rewarding and recognizing their biggest contributors. I’ve attached screenshots of our new look for you to see what I’m talking about.

What is Underdog Protocol?

Underdog Protocol allows communities to manage their on-chain network & reward their biggest supporters.
In that vein, we are aiming to enable collective success by building on-chain reputation.


Communities to Onboard
Do you know any web3 communities, protocols, or clubs we should bring onto Underdog Protocol Season Zero?
As we get closer to reaching our product vision for our beta/season zero users - we need to chat with more designers/design-thinking people to get our juices flowing. Do you know anybody?

👍 Highlights

Partnerships & Biz Dev👬
Launched three pilot programs with Clemson Blockchain, Duke Blockchain, and Lirn Leap leading to a +31% bump in wallets connected from the previous month.
We’re developing really unique use cases with our early season zero partners like Reputation Based Governance & Community Reputation Scores
Product 📱
Ability to build and ship multiple features within the month: different badges, management dashboard, and for season zero partners
Marketing 👏
We’ve received inbound interest from writers in the web3 ecosystem & have been featured in a DAO tool reports. Check this one out on & on (like Medium but Web3 on Solana).
Our threads, engagement on social, and current relationships are leading to an increase in inbound interest/meetings with blockchain clubs & communities (like Seed Club).
Onboarding 🏃
During our three onboarding events , we’ve been able to onboard 55% of members to their communities by claiming our membership NFTs.

👎 Low lights / Challenges

Launch Cycle 🌀
During September, we were unable to find time with our clubs to either launch or co-market due to prior commitments on their end, but we’ve seen speed pick-up for launches in October.
Lack of Underdog Events 🐶:
We were unable to pull enough people to events we planned like poker night & founder dinner. We planned for events around 25 individuals and were able to pull together 15 people for each event.

🎯 October Priorities

Biz Dev 📊
Activate +5 communities onto our Season Zero program to increase usage of Underdog Protocol and boost connected wallets from 105 to 250.
Product 📱
Build a Discord plugin to integrate into community workflow, integrate an Indexer in order to read data in-real time, and port over user’s profiles from our previous iteration.
GTM 📈 :
Host 1-2 IRL events with Partners and Founders to begin creating community and brand locally and around the country
🧞‍♂️ Special Sneak Peeks

🙏 Gratitudes

Jackson F., Doyo Studio, & Circusfish for brainstorming possible UX/UI updates and changes
Luke, Sujay, William, Jordan, David, Jake, Lincoln, and all our other blockchain partners for the countless brainstorm sessions

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