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Underdog October Update - Besties Version 馃懍

Hello UP friends -
Sorry for the late send. I had automated for our investors but was super busy in Lisbon during breakpoint. I didn鈥檛 forget about you!
Finally got time to breathe here in Barcelona.
Cheers to the Last Month. 馃憞
Our quick reflections on the last month:

TLDR: We鈥檝e closed our first customer for $10,000 to use our Reputation System and API. We鈥檝e been receiving a lot of inbound from major DAO鈥檚 in Solana like Metaplex & SuperteamDAO. We鈥檝e created an API that allows Underdog to be a lot more flexible. Check out an explainer of the demo we鈥檙e creating with them

What is Underdog Protocol?

Underdog Protocol wants to make web3 work for everyone.
Integrate apps like Twitter, Discord, and Airtable to bring your reputation on-chain and build social capital.


Web3 Communities to Onboard
Do you know any web3 communities, protocols, or clubs we should bring onto Underdog Protocol Season Zero?
Web2 Companies who want to integrate web3
Since we鈥檝e developed our API, we鈥檝e seen an opportunity to help companies adapt web3 in a unique way, know any companies that we should be talking to?

馃憤 Highlights

Partnerships & Biz Dev馃懍
We鈥檝e secured our first paying customer ($10,000/yr) who is a web2.5 startup looking to integrate our Reputation System and use our API.
We鈥檙e received inbound from major DAOs to develop unique use cases like Reputation Based Governance & Community Reputation Scores with , , and
Product 馃摫
Ability to build and ship multiple features within the month: Reputation focused-API, Mint Direct to Wallet, and
Check out
+ to dive deep into what we鈥檙e building with our first customer, Takes.
Marketing 馃憦
We鈥檝e been featured in two different newsletters. The authors reached out to do deep dives and feature us as a helpful tool to their audiences.

馃憥 Low lights / Challenges

Pricing 馃寑
We鈥檝e spent a lot of time thinking about monetization but unsure if it鈥檚 the right way of going about it. Do you want to help figure it out?
Split Direction 馃惗:
Communities, Protocols, and Communities are interested in utilizing our Reputation System & API BUT they鈥檙e two different businesses and pitches. We鈥檙e unsure how to approach this. How would you do it?

馃幆 November Priorities

Biz Dev 馃搳
Activate +5 communities onto our Season Zero program to increase usage of Underdog Protocol and boost connected wallets from 200 to 275.
Close 1 more paid beta partner with early one-time fee (between $1,000-$10,000 based on needs)
Product 馃摫
Build integrations & workflows for communities to be able to do 鈥榃eb3 out the box鈥 - we need to build Twitter, Discord, and GitHub integrations.
GTM 馃搱 :
Find partners and build pipeline in Lisbon at Solana鈥檚 Breakpoint 2022 Conference. We leave this Wednesday. Send us recommendations!

Reply if you鈥檇 like to see our thinking on Pricing for the API. We are thinking about this alot like Zapier & Pipedream ie: charging on value metric - per API call. We鈥檒l start creating integrations and workflows to package out differently.

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