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Underdog August Update

What happened with Underdog in August?

What is Underdog Protocol?
Underdog Protocol allows industry professionals to build their on-chain network to reward & recognize their biggest supporters
In that vein, we are aiming to enable collective success between talent and their communities through on-chain reputation.
Founders to Onboard: Do you know any hot-shot founders and Underdogs we should bring onto Underdog Protocol Season Zero?
Product Thoughts: We’ve built infrastructure to help cover network fees for users, essentially allowing end users to use UP without any SOL in their wallet. How should we balance complexity for us and complexity for the end user?
👍 Highlights
Partnerships 👬: Planned three pilot programs starting in September + October with 125 Members in Blockchain Clubs (we have 7 other verbal agreements with pilot details on-hold due to schedule conflicts with 20-55 individuals each)
Product 📱 : Ability to ship multiple features within two weeks of August: social recommendations, multi-sending, and membership tokens for Blockchain Clubs
Team 👏 : Send a return offer to Kurt, our summer intern, to join us as part of the team on a part-time design gig to help us define the Underdog
👎 Low lights / Challenges
Looming UX Problems 😱: By focusing on free transactions on Underdog, we have created some infrastructure bloat that at scale can hurt the User Experience. We need to fix that.
Sales Cycle 🌀: School is starting, all of our leads aren’t responding, we are following up more and more
Lack of Underdog Events 🐶: We’ve been heads down building in August and we have not thrown IRL events (thankfully people know of us through WOM)
🎯 September Priorities
Biz Dev 📊: Activate 5/10 of our pilot programs with Blockchain Clubs in order to acquire users and develop Use Cases
Product 📱: Build Communication Tool Integrations to increase Experience and Usage with Tier 1 Blockchain Clubs
GTM 📈 : Host 2-3 IRL events with Partners and Founders to begin creating community and brand
🧞‍♂️ Extras
We’ve also been able to submit Underdog to Solana Summer Camp Hackathon, here’s our deck:
🙏 Gratitudes
Sarah A. & Ixcalli G. (our partners) for helping us be our best selves and build a start-up
Manmit S, Jai R, and Dani P for countless amount of introductions to blockchain clubs
Brandon L. and One Block Capital Team for help thinking through possible BAF partnership

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